Pretty Princess Pinata, Pull-String

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Realtor1 This was a hit at my 1 year old's party! Even though she was a little young to understand the concept, it was great entertainment for the older kids.

Moms1helper The castle was a big surprise of the party. Not only did I have this for a piata but I used it for a table decoration! The kids were surprised to find out there was goodies inside. The strings made it so fun and easy for the 3 and 4 yr olds to play a part too!

workinmomma12 This pinata holds a lot of candy and all the kids enjoyed pulling the strings to make it come out! I liked that it did not require a bat to break open, since my daughter's birthday is in the winter and we had to have her party indoors.


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Pretty Princess Pinata, Pull-String

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