Paper Pinata Blindfold


Updated at 1/30/2016 09:25:29 - Details

grandma512 It was cute but it wasn't needed at the party. The children were too small to wear it. I think it would be good for older children.

happEmommE Were always looking for a blindfold for the pinata or "pin the tail" so finding this has been a time saver!

CheleB Works very well, but slides off easily.

alessandramami Works very well, but slides off easily.

toothlady This was super cute. Easier than finding a t-shirt of towel to cover kids eyes. The elastic got a little loose after the first round but the kids managed. Good item.

mjaime127 I didn't really expect much but as soon as tried to put the blindfold on a child, the plastic broke. We ended up using one of my husband's ties.

hulakids Go better with a bandana!

jennsbox This was just cheap looking. Didn't fit right. A blindfold would have fit better!


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Paper Pinata Blindfold

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